Let The Gym Come To You


Amanda T Practicing Martial Arts Training

A client practicing some Martial Arts Combo Training in her home

Becca weighted vest video


T Twists on Kinesis

Advanced Exercises to work your core and back

Client Bicep Curls

This is one of my clients age 89 years old, demonstrating bicep screw curls with alternating hammer curls.

Gravity Boots in the Gym

Advanced Core Exercises

Chest, Biceps & Legs Workout

40Kg Preacher Curl, 44Kg's Dumbbell Bench Press, 240-340Kg Leg Press Pyramid

Boot Camp Fun, Cartoon Version

Boot camp circuits, trx, kettle bells, resistance bands

84 year old doing seated cable rows

TRX Bicep work out

TRX Bicep work out with Andy lamb

Back Workout

Lat Pull downs, Row's and Pull ups

Random Workout

Some friends and myself demonstrating Leg Press & Tricep Push down

Training Chest with Andy Lamb

Training chest, burn out session !

20Kg Pull Up's

20kg Pull Up's using a weighted vest